Civil law

The team at Smit Advocaat & Belastingkundige B.V. has extensive experience in the field of civil law. Civil law involves almost all civil matters. Our team is specialised in various sections of civil law and will gladly assist you.

We advise, litigate and offer support in the following areas:

  • indemnities;
  • drawing up terms and conditions;
  • unlawful claims;
  • non-performance of a contract;
  • compliance claims;
  • termination claims;
  • claims on the grounds of the obligation to produce exhibits (843a Rv);
  • arbitration;
  • stock transactions;
  • company law;
  • rent- and construction law;
  • employment law;
  • contract law.

Early input

Our team will guide your firm through challenging legal problems and corporate procedures from start to finish.  Civil proceedings often start with small issues. Therefore, it is important to seek out timely advice in order to avoid pitfalls or unnecessary risks.

Conflict mediation

Are you currently involved in civil proceedings? Then contact us right away. We can assist you in the process!