Equestrian law

Equestrian law is a particular area of the law in which the team at Smit Advocaat & Belastingkundige B.V. is highly specialised. We work on behalf of professional parties, such as trading stalls, riding schools and insurance companies. Aside from this, members of our team have experience in the equestrian world which means they can provide more feeling when it comes to this particular area of the law than many other offices could provide.

You can approach us for all legal questions relating to equestrian law including the following matters:

For insurance companies/own risk carriers (Damages section):

  • liability of owners, riders and caretakers of horses;
  • liability of riding schools and stall owners;
  • liability of veterinarians and Farriers.

For professional and private parties (Business law section):

  • drafting and reviewing all contracts (agreements for purchase- and sale, stalling, training, rent/lease, sponsoring and collaboration);
  • disputes regarding the purchase and sale of horses (for example in the event of non-disclosed problems);
  • disputes with veterinarians (including e.g. the treatment of colic or medical reports).

Preliminary advice

Equestrian law is subject to increased interest; on a sporting level, as well as economically, the Netherlands is by far a key equestrian country. It often involves high sums of money, which means the advice of an equestrian specialist can be necessary. If your contracts and other business is in order right from the start, it can prevent many problems – and potential legal disputes – further down the line. We know the material and can advise on potential pitfalls, risks and possibilities. It’s important to seek advice at the beginning of each process or purchase.

Conflict mediation

Has it resulted in a conflict? Then don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We will gladly assist you in the proceedings.